The Importance of Strengthening Our Immune Systems – A Personal Story

Greetings to all. A friend asked me to made this video of my life focus on the restoration of my whole immune system and how important it is for people to become more self aware and holistically strong and balanced in these challenging times.

My Journey From a Weak to Strong Immune System

Having a strong and balanced immune system involves our entire multibody system, emotional, mental, and physical. So while in mainstream medical applications the focus is all on the physical, the mental and emotional bodies (what we think and feel) plays an enormous role in our overall well-being. My life journey in this body has been one of being born strong, to developing a severely compromised immune system to learning how to heal myself holistically.

This video is a brief telling of this journey ...

The alternative and holistic world of healing encompasses all of these bodies and their interrelationship. Becoming more self-aware of all that we are and how we focus our attention and intentions can open great doors and avenues of healing. I know it certainly has for me.


Decree for the Restoration of Holy Innocence in All of Life!

Focusing on What We Choose to Create

In these great and challenging times of releasing the old paradigm of fear and embracing the polarity of Love and Light which complement one another and uplift all of Life, a cry for the restoration of the Holy Innocence is ringing out. Being pure of heart and embodying the Holy Innocence is a natural state of being for all of humanity and all of God’s creatures.

Yet for many, this great essence of Love and Joy has been greatly depleted or lost altogether through the brutality of living in the polarity of fear and love – the Tree of Knowledge.   However, my God’s Love, Will and Grace, Divine Intervention is at hand to restore the Divine Innocence to everyone’s consciousness and to the essence of all of Life.

It is through the restoration of individual and planetary sovereignty and Holy Innocence that Eden/Paradise are now being created once again on Earth. 

Since we create what we focus upon with feeling, you can assist in many ways.  One way is through decrees.

Upon my requesting a decree for the restoration of holy innocence I was given the following words to share with you.  Please join me, join us, as you are guided, knowing that positive decrees, prayers and requests are multiplied exponentially through a Divine dispensation that is already in place.

As a Creator Being, now is a wonderful time for you to be raising your beautiful voice for Divine Intervention and the creation of Eden/Paradise/Agartha.    The time of the Rainbow is upon us.

The Decree

I AM my I AM Presence, my True Divine Nature, and I AM One with Mother/Father/God and the entire Company of Heaven.

I AM one with all those who serve the Light as part of the Elemental and Angelic kingdoms.

I AM one with Gaia/Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms of Life.

Through the Sovereignty of my I AM Presence and in full alignment with Divine Will and God’s Divine Plan for Gaia and all of Life, I NOW call for the complete restoration of the Holy Innocence within all of humanity, and within all of Life!  (3x)

Transmute and purify (3x) all consciousness that is less that Divine Love.

Restore and Resurrect the Holy Innocence and Divine Joy within all Life in all forms Now! (3x)

Set all Life Free (3x)

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM one with my 5th Dimensional Body Elemental.  Together we invoke the greatest assistance from the Entire Company of Heaven that Cosmic Law will allow to restore the Holy Innocence in Life NOW!

So Be It! It Is So Done!  So Mote It Be!

Almighty I AM (3X)

Remembering Our Connection with Nature

We are all an intricate part of Nature. During our current journey in form, she is our home. We are sisters and brothers to her in ways that most had forgotten.  But now the remembering is occurring. My message here is for everyone to remember that we are One with the consciousness of Nature; every element, animal, plant, stone, .... All of Life.  As we and she are all part of God/Creator, this in turn makes us One with and a part of one another.

I will suggest here that a primary step in reconnecting with Mother Nature and her kingdoms is consciously connecting with your own body and its multibody system (physical, etheric, mental and emotional/feeling bodies).  Remembering how to listen intuitively to our bodies and the Body Elemental that oversees them is a marvelous first step!

Reconnecting Through Our Physical Bodies

It is time to go beyond the mind in our relationship with Nature and with ourselves.  We are entering a time of the heart, of intuition,  harmony (the circle) and reconnection to the whole.  But where do we begin?

Our reconnection physically through earthing, meditating on the earth, against a tree, standing barefoot in the ocean or a river, are all tangible bridges to Nature that everyone can experience whether you are aware of the voice of Nature yet or not.  It begins with connection. So when you walk barefoot upon Earth, you are in essence connecting with ourselves in a more expansive way.

Many animals communicate with Earth through their feet or  paws, connecting with the frequency and telepathing back and forth to life all around this way.  I must say that I also communicate with Nature through my feet, as walking barefoot is my favorite way to travel when the ground and weather are supportive of my doing so.  Over the years my awareness through my feet has grown so that I am aware of the smallest of creatures in the trail or walkway before I come upon them.  This allows me to stop and say hello, or gleefully step over them with a brief greetings or note of gratitude.


Our Unity Pillar

Earthing also allows us to more easily be aware of our pillar of Light that connects us from Mother Earth's heart to the Soul Star of Creation in the Great Central Sun.  This pillar is also referred to as our Unity Pillar. When present and fully aligned it is a channel of communication of Heaven to Earth through us, thus allowing us to be a conscious part of the cosmic conversation.  But our pillar can become misaligned when we are choosing to be in discord of some type. 

Setting up and connecting with our Unity Pillar is quite simple once you know how to do it.  Here is the link to an mp3 I created for a telesummit a ways back that will walk you through the process:

The more stable our Unity Pillar, the easier your conversation with Nature within you and all around you will become. Feel the pulse of the energy coming through you and enhancing the bond you truly have with all of Life.

Connecting Through Our Heart and Feelings

I will touch briefly here on the the expansion of our heart and feelings in relatioinship with Nature and the development of a conscious conversation with her. As I have stated often, Nature is always speaking with us.  She does so in through a vast array of frequencies and expressions.  The commonality is that all these frequencies and expressions are based in Love and are a reflection of how we see and communicate with her.

If you truly desire to connect with Nature and hear her, the most direct way is through your heart and feeling body.  Our multibody systems and that of Earth and her kingdoms are 70-80% feeling body expressions.  This is a direct correction with Earth being 80% water which is the element of the emotional body, the divine femininne and divine flow.  Our Divine Spark or True Self resides in the heart; our heart and the heart of all Life.  Hence the saying heart to heart, soul to soul.  This is where the essence of unity connects us all.

To connect clearly with our heart and feelings requires that we quiet the mind and choose inner peace. I choose to be in peace.

To connect clearly with our heart and feelings requires that we quiet the mind and choose inner peace and harmony.

I choose to be in peace.

I AM harmony.

I hear the voice of Nature, for she and I are One. ♥

Put aside all that you believe about the consciousness of Nature, especially if those beliefs tell you that we are separate, that we cannot hear one another due to the differences in how we all communicate.  Like the Nature kingdoms that are all around you, your body is speaking to you all of the time.  Put  your hands on your heart, close your eyes, breathe and listen.

I AM One with the God I AM within me,

I AM One with all of Life. 

I See, Hear and Feel You. And my heart is filled with Joy! ♥

Thank you all for remembering our connection and making choices for everyone to be in harmony once again. I will continue this conversation in other posts and in more depth in my upcoming books. Stay tuned.

~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel - The Nature Whisperer

I walk the golden path

I Walk the Golden Path of Wisdom and Illumination