Overlighting Deva Speaks of Change

Greetings Emmaray. I am Grateful that you heard my call to come and visit our forest.  There are massive changes coming. Major changes. Incredible changes coming to the Earth at this time. Some of humanity is aware of this, most however are not yet. We in the kingdoms/queendoms of Nature, the Overlights, and all who live here, are very aware of what is upon us, and we are taking a deep breath in such gratitude that we are and yet we know, this next year, these next years are going to be so filled with change, rapid change, that it will Read More

Mystery & Magic of Gaia’s Living Library QC Event

Have you ever heard the term the Living Library?  It is a place where we can go and learn the greatest wisdom of the Universe and even Multiverses.  One such place is Gaia/Mother Earth and the Realms of Nature. Gaia is a schoolhouse, a living library where we learn through direct experiences. Mother Nature holds all the clues to the magic of Creation and her Realms are our partners in recognizing them and remembering how to play, to create in this great microcosm of the vast macrocosm of Creation. She, the Living Library, is filled with Divine Magic and the answers Read More

Message From the Overlighting Devas

… and who wish to learn more about us. We have long awaited this time for the greater population of Mother Earth/Gaia to remember us and all the nature spirits existence and our intricate part in the creation of all that is in form; for all of form is part of Nature. There are a variety of places on Gaia at this time where we are deeply acknowledged and consciously brought into the creative process. Findhorn in Scotland is one of the more famous. We also acknowledge that there are individuals who are deeply connected with Spirit and with Gaia who Read More

Join Me for the Soul Shine Solstice Celebration 2023/2024

Greetings and Blessings!  You’re invited to join me and a Love Tribe of Lightworkers for the 13th Annual Soul Shine Solstice Celebration with Activations & Meditations for High Vibrations, Inner Peace and expanded connectivity with Life. This series is our time to go deeply within to receive the Light Codes of the powerful and potent Gateway of the December Solstice of 2023. This gateway is aligned with the Galactic Center, and it’s your opportunity to release all that no longer serves as we step into a New Year of 2024. When: December 21 & 22 Meditations & Activations Marathon Event December Read More

Channeling Divine Genius Into Form Program

Item 1 Name: Genius & the Guiding Forces of Divine Alchemy Description of Module 1: Have you ever noticed how Nature just seems to know what she is doing? Her ability to create/cocreate small and large miracles occurs seamlessly, indeed magically. Mother Nature is an example of Divine Genius constantly channeling into form. Throughout this program, Mother Nature and I cocreate to guide you through the awareness of this Divine process and how to joyfully apply it to your life. As an entry point for Channeling Life’s Divine Genius into Form this module combines a guided meditation/invocation (mp3) with a teaching Read More

Daily Consecration Prayer for Upliftment

In these powerful times I find it so helpful to set my energetic intentions for each day. This beautiful Invocation was given to me as part this Divine process and it was initially shared through the Bless All Life Council I invite you to enjoy it everyday for your personal upliftment and service to Mother Earth and all of her Life. Perhaps you will also find it helps you to create and live a more peaceful and harmonious day. May All Be Blessed.  Read More

Learning Deep Listening with Nature

In this world of such beauty and wisdom, listening is such both a Joy and a great conduit for receiving Divine wisdom. Many friends remark to me on a regular basis, Emmaray you are so clear and hear so much. We all have many senses to explore and communicate with Nature with Life, and as a bridge and messenger I find that listening through them all is the baseline that allows the messages to free flow in clarity and joy.  In this video I share some of my greater awareness of learning to deeply listen and comprehend the amazing conversations that Read More

Love Up Our Lungs …♥

Greetings and Blessings to All,      I woke up this morning in gratitude to my lungs and breath, and felt to share this gift of lung health to you … Namaste. ♥ ∞∞∞∞∞∞  Extending from our nasal passage out into the vast expression of alveoli, our respiratory system is fully active from the minute we are born to the final breath before transitioning.  Like all our body systems, the lungs; respiratory system, are multi-level in their function and effects. On the physical level our lungs and respiratory track are the center for bringing life giving oxygen into and releasing toxins and Read More

The Circle ~ Inner Power and Inner Connection

When we live within the Circle, we are the center of our creation and in Oneness with Divine Creation at the same time.  For as a sacred geometry of the Cosmos, the Circle is all inclusive, containing all that are Love/Light/Life.  All that is consciousness.   Mother Nature innately knows this, and when you connect with your Divinity, you know the Circle as your Truth as well. It is a place of Divine Power, deep inner connection, and unlimited possibilities. As an individual you are the center pole of your creation.  In the group collective you stand in the ring of the Read More

Consciousness of the Elements ~ Anchoring the Harmony Grids

When I first moved to Lincoln City, Oregon in 2016 I was asked by the Company of Heaven and my Presence to be of Service from the Earth plain to assist in the stabilization of the Cascadian Subduction Zone that runs along the Pacific Northwest coastline.   I was asked to purify and harmonize these energies, in essence raising the outcome of the coastline to a higher outcome eliminating the necessity of a major earthquake. In conjunction with this I was Serving as part of an embodied trinity who were activity anchoring the Harmony Grids worldwide.  Various grids have been anchored over Read More