Greetings and Blessings! 

You’re invited to join me in a Quantum Conversation to discuss the Mystery & Magic of Gaia's Living Library, where we will discuss how you can Learn more about the Living Library and through your Mastery embrace its wisdom to CoCreate with the Realms of Magic, Elementals and Nature Spirits your Divine Purpose & Joy.

This series of Quantum Conversations by host Lauren Galey is designed to EMPOWER & ENLIGHTEN you in your remembrance of your true mastery and your Divine Purpose for being here on this planet. Each Quantum Conversation assists you in moving into and maintaining the High Vibrational Frequencies of Joy, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Praise, and Compassion.

Thank you for joining me in this quantum conversation.  I look forward to your Presence! 

~ Emmaray Kumara, The Nature Whisperer

Greetings and Blessings!  You’re invited to join me and a Love Tribe of Lightworkers for the 13th Annual Soul Shine Solstice Celebration with Activations & Meditations for High Vibrations!

This series is our time to go deeply within to receive the Light Codes of the powerful and potent Gateway of the December Solstice of 2023. This gateway is aligned with the Galactic Center, and it’s your opportunity to release all that no longer serves as we step into a New Year of 2024.


December 21 & 22 Meditations & Activations Marathon Event

December 23- January 9 – daily presentations of Soul Shine Conversations

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I invite you to enjoy the replay of my talk with Lauren of New Earth One entitled Channeling Divine Genius Into Form. The essence of Divine Genius is in expression everywhere in Nature and is found through our conscious connection with our High Self/I Am Presence.  It is the essence of Divine Design and Unity Consciousness that is the Truth in every dimension of Creation, in every Being, and everything.  

You'll Learn How To:

  • Have a heightened awareness of the energy of Divine Genius and the Quantum Field of Potential and how to access it and cocreate with them intentionally.
  • Connect, communicate and cocreate with Overlighting Devas, Elementals and all the members of the Cosmic Divine Alchemy family.
  • Gain awareness of details/action items of your Divine Mission and how to access its Divine blueprints from the Etheric level drawing them down into the highest level of perfection possible in your physical reality.


Conscious Cocreation Through Photography header

Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film.

Ansel Adams

Let your senses be your camera, let your camera be the bridge into what/who may previously have gone unnoticed. Together they will open new doorways for you to journey through and cocreate with as friends, partners, and family,

~ Emmaray Kumara

This upcoming program will be both in-person and online in the form of a webinar.  Both options are in creation and will be available in 2024. For more details enjoy this article or contact Emmaray