♥ Greetings and Blessings! ♥

Thank you for visiting my website and choosing to know more about me as an individual.

I AM one who walks the Earth in a constant state of conscious communication with the multidimensional kingdoms and realms of Life. I am and author and advocate reminding humankind of the co-creative principles and interconnection with ALL of Life through  Illumined Truth, Unity, Oneness, Reverence, Harmony & Joy

My Divine Mission for embodying on Gaia/Earth at this time is to assist in guiding humankind back into their True Divine Nature, their Presence. A major part of this is restoring your abilities of consciously co-creating the New Earth with the kingdoms and Realms of Nature and the Host of Heaven through both multidimensional and interdimensional awareness and application.

 For more details about me, I invite you to keep reading.... 

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The title The Nature Whisperer gives you a hint as to what I am up to as an embodied soul on Earth. Smiling, I will tell you that chatting with all the Realms of Nature is a full-time job!  It is also a delightful and fulfilling one. ♥ 

My ability to consciously and interdimensionally communicate allows me to be of great service to Life in a multitude of ways. Primarily, my Divine Service entails being a multidimensional bridge between the Celestial Realms of Light of our Multiverse; the Divine Realms of Magic; the Elementals; the multidimensional realms & kingdoms of Nature on Gaia, with humankind/the I AM Race. This especially is true for those who are awakening to their True Nature. I am multidimensionally conscious, meaning that I am aware of my life expression and activities on many dimensions all at the same time.

My more Earthly talents include being a writer, author, educator/public speaker holistic healing facilitator and photographer.  As you will see throughout my website these skills allow me deep enjoyment in the sharing of the magical realms as they come back into people's awareness during their awakening into their Divinity/True Divine Nature.

My educational and experiential background is a combination of nature, biological and holistic/medical studies, combined with computer technology and the arts.  I weave my love of Nature and the ability to communicate with her into everything that I create and share.

Recently I received the name Emmaray Kumara as a spiritual name & gift from the Lords  & Ladies of Venus – the Kumara family with whom I am in Divine Service.  Legally however, my name is Kathryn Shanti Ariel, so you will see both names throughout the website as Emmaray Kumara was gifted to me in the fall of 2020.

Thank you for connecting with me through my website. You can also find me on Youtube and as part of the Bless All Life Council.  Blessings to you in all things. Namaste. Om Shanti.