Love Up Our Lungs …♥

herbs for respiratory tea

Greetings and Blessings to All,

     I woke up this morning in gratitude to my lungs and breath, and felt to share this gift of lung health to you … Namaste. ♥


 Extending from our nasal passage out into the vast expression of alveoli, our respiratory system is fully active from the minute we are born to the final breath before transitioning.  Like all our body systems, the lungs; respiratory system, are multi-level in their function and effects.

  • On the physical level our lungs and respiratory track are the center for bringing life giving oxygen into and releasing toxins and waste products out of our bodies.
  • On the emotional and mental levels, the lungs are the center for holding or processing and releasing grief, and
  • On the spiritual body level, the lungs are the seat of the Holy Spirit.

I Am the Breath of the Holy Spirit

This wholistic combination makes this part of our bodies a great gift and focus of our daily attention.  For instance, a way to inner peace and joy is through conscious breathing, putting passive yet consciousness attention on the breath to allow yourself to be filled with peace, and to recenter.

I Choose to Be in Peace ~ breathe …. (repeat)

Until we complete the restoration of our bodies and the Earth back to Divine perfection, our amazing respiratory system can also a place of great challenge for many in this season of festivities and often severe weather changes.

Fabulous Herbal Respiratory Tonic

Early in my herbal training I learned about this amazing herbal lung tonic.  It has been such a blessing, that I am choosing to share it again and again.

This herbal lung tonic is great for strengthening one’s respiratory track in times of good health and is also wonderful in supporting one’s lungs and overall body in times of respiratory infection or other lung-based disease. Utilize it alone or along with other vibrational healing techniques such as color, toning and acupressure.

Lung Tonic Recipe

The Original Recipe



Marshmallow or Mullen

Licorice Root


Pao de Arco (for lymph system)

Astragalus (upper respiratory and overall immune support)

Ginger (circulatory and GI tonic)

Astragalus plant

Getting to Know the Herbs

Astragalus: is an adaptogen can be added to support the throat - especially on those sore days.  This is one of my go to herbs for any kind of respiratory challenge and as an adaptogen (meaning it adapts to what the body needs), it is wonderful for immune support overall.

Getting to Know the Herbs

Ginger: is an all-round great tonic for the circulatory system and is also extremely helpful for the GI tract.  So when used in a respiratory tonic it assists the body to move the herbal qualities around the body for absorption.

Young horehound plant

Horehound: is an expectorant and helps to tone and strengthen lung alveoli and other lung components. (this one needs honey with it!). Notice the Doctrine of Signatures component.  Horehound leaves look like lungs.  Shape is one of the ways that plants give us hints as to their gifts.

Mullen plant about to bloom

Marshmallow or Mullen: these herbs are from the same plant family and therefore have many of the same properties. I offer Mullen (seen in the photo) as an alternative to Marshmallow as it is more commonly found and easy to grow in most gardens.  They both help support and heal mucous membrane that line the inside of the respiratory and GI tracts.

Comfrey plant without blosoms

Comfrey: this herb is a Jane/jack of all trades - also known as knit bone, it is utilized in this tonic mainly for its cell regeneration properties, however comfrey is also a blood purifier and as its nickname suggests, it assists in the healing/strengthening of bones.

licorice root herb

Licorice Root: is added for its properties as an adrenal tonic. In the stresses of  day-to-day life, this herb can be utilized to rejuvenate one’s often over worked adrenal glands. Note: It is best to use this herb moderately so as to avoid over stimulating the adrenals.

Pao deArco herb

Pao de Arco is an amazing lung stimulant. Stimulant meaning it strengthens and balances the body system. Clearing out the lymph is essential for good health as this system is motivated by physical activity.  So, if a person or animal is sedentary the lymph can become congested backing up toxins in the body

As part of my herbal training, I received the original recipe in Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies, a wonderful resource for many things herbal.  As stated above this recipe is for general lung strengthening and balancing.

Jude’s directions are to drink the basic tonic (horehound, comfrey, marshmallow (or mullen) and licorice root). every month for 3-4 months. Then to take a break for a couple of months before repeating.

In the following configuration …. In time of stress or actual illness, I add the pao de arco and astragalus. It is highly recommended that you add honey to either tonic to mellow the bite of the horehound.

Infusion directions:

In 2-3 quarts of water (preferably three) combine 1 TBL each of licorice root, ginger (opt) and pao de arco. (These are root/bark herb parts and must be cooked longer that leaf/flower bulk herbs.) Bring water to boil and then down to slow boil for 5 minutes.

Then add 1 TBL each of other herbs. Bring back to boil and then turn heat down to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Next, turn off burner and let infusion sit for the remainder of an hour to strengthen.

After an hour, use a metal strainer to separate the herbs from the resulting tonic. Add 2-3 TBLs honey – reheating the tonic briefly to dissolve if necessary. Then enjoy! Hmm, hmm, good!

While drinking:

It is also helpful to rest briefly while drinking tea; focusing your awareness and self-love on your lungs and respiratory track. Breath deeply and visualize/feel the life giving oxygen move into all of your alveoli and then into your blood stream, rejuvenating your entire body.  Repeat the statements from the beginning of the article to bring a deeper intention and awareness.  Blessings to you and your respiratory system.  Breathe in Joy. ♥

In Reverence to All Life,

Emmaray Kumara  ~ The Nature Whisperer