The Circle ~ Inner Power and Inner Connection

When we live within the Circle, we are the center of our creation and in Oneness with Divine Creation at the same time.  For as a sacred geometry of the Cosmos, the Circle is all inclusive, containing all that are Love/Light/Life.  All that is consciousness.   Mother Nature innately knows this, and when you connect with your Divinity, you know the Circle as your Truth as well. It is a place of Divine Power, deep inner connection, and unlimited possibilities.

As an individual you are the center pole of your creation.  In the group collective you stand in the ring of the circle emanating your unique gifts and talents.  Either way, you are a pebble in the pond of Life, continuously communing with and creating with all of Life in all forms.

So how do you attain this deep connection and creative awareness?

If you study animals, you will see that they are always connected to the deep inner power of Life.  They are always in a state of deep listening and responding to the genius that is Divine Love, Light, Intelligence guiding them.  They do this intuitively, telepathically, and taping into a deep state of knowing that they embody as the form of consciousness they are expressing.

Animals in many ways are here as a demonstration of the Divine Seat of Power and connection. They are here to teach us, to guide us and to assist us in remembering our interconnection and creative power.

Are you ready to expand your awareness to include this deeper connection and ability to create with all of Life?

The journey is both a powerful and a joyful expansion into the Oneness of all that we are individually and together as consciousness in form; learning, growing, evolving.

This Divine force is y(our) Divinity guiding us with unwaveringly Love.  Animals know this and trust it fully and like other realms of Life, they share this wisdom with all who are willing to listen and observe.  The animals speak to us bringing us answers to questions from our varied levels of consciousness. 

They come in person, in pictures, in symbology and in our dreams.  They assist us in remembering our intuitive and telepathic abilities as in communing with them, these skills are required.  As an emissary between Nature and people, I (The Nature Whisperer), offer my abilities to bridge these realms for and with you. 

Are you ready to take the deep dive into the fullness of the Divine Circle, your inner power and connection with all of Life?

I invite you to join me, to join us, in this greater conversation. We have so much to share and remember together. ∞♥

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Namaste. Om Shanti, Emmaray Kumara ~ The Nature Whisperer