Consciousness of the Elements ~ Anchoring the Harmony Grids

Water and sand making heart in gratitude

Setting the Harmony Grids

When I first moved to Lincoln City, Oregon in 2016 I was asked by the Company of Heaven and my Presence to be of Service from the Earth plain to assist in the stabilization of the Cascadian Subduction Zone that runs along the Pacific Northwest coastline.   I was asked to purify and harmonize these energies, in essence raising the outcome of the coastline to a higher outcome eliminating the necessity of a major earthquake.

In conjunction with this I was Serving as part of an embodied trinity who were activity anchoring the Harmony Grids worldwide.  Various grids have been anchored over the past decades are part of Gaia’s ascension process. 

So in this process what I did each day for several months was I walked barefoot (mostly) along the beach and I sang a song of harmony into the ocean (water elements), the land (earth element), and the atmosphere (air element).  The song went like this:

I Am the Harmonious Presence expressing to me, through me and as me.

I Am the Harmonious Presence expressing out into all of Life.

This was the core of the song and yet overtime I expanded it to include the frequencies of light, love, purity, peace, balance, and so forth.  This expansion was part of the subduction zone stabilization process which was done in tandem with the laying of the Harmony grids.  We all have the ability to co-create, bringing in and actualizing the Divine Plan.  I am one who largely does this through my voice and telepathic/intuitive calling in and weaving of energies. ∞

I embraced this process occurred over several months, always joining with members of the Host of Heaven, including the Angelic Host, Galactics and Elementals.  One day early in the process when tension regarding the fault was still high, I was joined by AA Raphael and a group of dragons as well as the Galactics who were assisting. 

Raphael was above me in the air toning healing and balancing energies into the water and earth.  The dragons were clearing discordant energies and a great rebalancing was occurring.  Like all of us who have had such experiences, I rejoiced to be alive and part of the "Ground Crew" on that day.

Air Slyphs and dragons clearing the air

♥ Then one day when the laying of the grids was almost complete, I turned to the north to return up the coast and there in the sand was this beautiful heart as seen in the header photograph.  The heart shape was a creation of the earth and water elements together. The water and her Elementals raised into the sand in the shape of a heart to say thank you to me and all who had assisted in this Service.

As you can see, the tide was way out when this occurred, so there was no water sitting on the sand. Instead, it was raised up to form the heart through the grateful consciousness of Nature and her elements.  This is an example of the amazing relationship that we each can develop with the Elementals and elements through Love and Reverence.

At this time, all of the conversation about having a major earthquake and subsequent tidal waves, completely stopped. This meant that we had successfully gone up in frequency to a higher level/timeline without the earthquake scenario.

I give you this story as an example of the kind of positive effect that we as individuals and as groups as Divine stewards can have on and for Mother Earth & her Life. By putting our intention in a very positive way. This includes speaking and singing words of unity and upliftment, sending our Love into the Field. 

All these actions, along with intentional invocations and decrees such as what I did for the harmony grids, to raise and bless life assist to raise the overall frequency/vibration of the planet into higher and more amazing outcomes.

I share again here that All of Life is conscious responding to us,

whether our energy is that of Love and Unity ... or that of separation

So, if you feel that you are out doing this type of Service to Life and you think that no one knows that you are doing it, or even cares, know in your heart that the Earth hears you and she cares. All of the Nature Spirits, Elementals, elements and kingdoms of Life hear you and they All care and are deeply grateful.

I/we encourage you to step out, do your beautiful invocations, songs, prayers to and for Life.   Just recently members of the animal and Elemental kingdoms came to me pleading that I do more to raise Life and ease their suffering. 

You may already have ways to assist, and if you are looking for invocations and such here are a few opportunities:

In Reverence for All of Life,  Emmaray Kumara ~ The Nature Whisperer