Hearing & Answering the Calls for Assistance

Awareness of the Calls for Assistance

We can’t keep going on like this! This was a call for help from the realms of Nature during the night.  Lying on my side in bed, I looked out the window into the morning sky, listening to the Field and asking for clear recall of the memory.  In this instance, the call was coming from the water element, the rivers, oceans, and all those who call the water their home, which indeed is everyone in one way or another.

As water is within us all, every embodied form on Gaia, a call for assistance from the water truly pertains to all of Life.  Whether you are awake, highly sensitive, or taping into the global consciousness in your dream time, Life is speaking to us and asking us to use our clarion voices in requesting assistance. She is also asking us to make Love based choices to uplift and free everyone and everything.

As I listened my consciousness shifted to the question “what were we doing last night and where”.  Such heavy and sad/troubled energy.  I rose, setting up my energy field with the Tube of Light and the Flower of Life Unity Sphere before going out to the back patio to sit among the trees and listen more clearly.  Grateful for the wonderful negative ions being emitted by Nature, I always find listening/hearing easier in her Presence.

As I walked by the trees that line the yard, I looked up and said to them “I cannot help you if I feel this way”. As my energy field was still bogged down with the sadness within the call for help. At that time the thought for me to clarity what part of Consciousness was speaking.  This is when the water element, especially those within large bodies of water came into my deeper awareness and attention.

I took a few deep breathes while drinking the organic grapefruit juice that had with me. Breathing, grounding on the stone beneath my feet, I listened…. Feeling to look down, I saw the energy of a large fish or even a whale staring at me through the partnership of one of the flat stones and some seed pods. Gratefully, I noted that it was smiling at me.  This allowed me to also find my smile and to listen in a more relaxed manner.

What exactly is being asked of me so I can make a clarion call? I quietly said.

The energy of overwhelm and dismay was the first and largest of the energies in my awareness.  The miscreations of humankind that are affecting the water are many. Some purely through fear-based thoughts and feelings. Others through direct actions against the water and her life such as plastic, poisons,  and other pollutants.

Tree with heart


Before continuing with the sharing of the clarion call,  I invite everyone to be fully aware in your day-to-day lives that the elements and Elementals who are the primary realm making up our body forms for our particular Divine consciousness to express through.  This is true of all form on Gaia.

What this means is when you/we send loving energies to ourselves and out into any form of life, she will respond by expanding and creating more Love in return creating greater Harmony in the overall consciousness. This is part of the responsive nature of Life.

In contrast, energies of fear, disrespect, anger, etc. result in the elements becoming out of balance and disharmonious. This in turn causes challenges that the Elementals have to do their best to correct with the assistance of the Heavenly Host. When the imbalances become too strong, then Gaia herself steps in to restore balance through severe weather and other anomalies.  

Nature is always striving to be in balance.


Raising Our Voice to Assist

Now on to the clarion call. As I have written in many articles before, according to the Universal design, many parts of consciousness in form are unable to make calls or ask for assistance beyond the physical plain.  We however as Creator Beings here on Gaia have the ability and I will add responsibility to raise our voices in clarion calls and advocate for Divine Assistance / Intervention for Life.  This is part of the expression of Free Will and Divine Stewardship.

So, with the awareness from the Elemental, plant, and animal kingdoms I was guided to make the following clarion call which I invite you to add your voice, Light & Love to if you are so guided:

I Am my I Am Presence, and I Am One with Mother/Father/God and the entire Host of Heaven. 

I Am One with Gaia/Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, realms of Life; the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements ….

I Am One with the I Am Presence of every man, woman, boy & girl embodied on Gaia or intending to embody.

In accordance with the Divine Plan and Universal Law I make the following request:

On behalf of all consciousness and life forms on and within Gaia/Mother Earth, I ask that anyone, anything that is asking to leave the lower physical octaves of discord and duality be assisted back into the realms of Light/Love/Unity now, and that they be granted safe passage through Grace into their best next evolutionary step in the Light.

I additionally ask that they receive the necessary healing and restoration to bring them back into Immortal Purity, Peace, and Harmony if this is God’s Will.

As these energies are transmuted and uplifted, I now ask that the void created by the departing energies and consciousness be filled with Divine Love, Light and the Holy Spirit in full alignment with the Divine Plan.

Lastly, I request that the anchoring, activation and actualization of the Divine Plan and Paradise codes be ever expanded for the upliftment of all of Life in Divine Right Timing and Action.

 So Be It! It Is So Done! Almighty Christ I Am. (3x) I Thank you!


I am told that this decree was given at this time as much of Nature is now choosing, and being granted, life in the higher octaves that are unfolding as part of the Gaia’s ascension.  Yet as I spoke earlier, with the responding consciousness, also called the Impersonal I Am, our voices and intentions are required to free them from the miscreations of humankind and others that are a part of duality.

Doing such calls is part of our Divine Service and Stewardship of all realms and kingdoms of Mother Nature. Clarion calls such as these also serve to assist in the freeing of the discord from our bodies and living environments allowing us to live healthier more joy filled lives.  As we are in service to others, we to are blessed.  Thus, it is an absolute win-win!

Additional Ways You Can Assist

The restoration of our ability to be in conscious communication with Nature also involves the restoration of our conscious communication with the higher realms of Creation, those which are often referred to as the Company or Host of Heaven.  Nature is in constant communication with God and the Company of Heaven. Yet it is we humans that have a great ability to see the imbalances of the world and create clarion calls to Mother/Father/God for assistance to all of Life.

Being aware of the voices of nature, allows us to be advocates and stewards of life on a multi-dimensional level.  Do you hear the voices of nature asking for help?  Do you know how to respond?  Here is an example of how I allow myself to actively do so.  Listening from the heart and with a quiet mind is key to this process.

While journaling today the great challenges of heavy metals in Earth's (Gaia's) environment, their use in foods, vaccinations, and sprays came clearly into my awareness.  As they did, so did my understanding that the elements which are the building blocks of form in the 3D were often being used for destructive purposes against their Will.

Here are two additional decrees that I invite you to speak out loud daily or weekly to assist the Gaia, the Elementals and elements in returning to Purity, Peace & Harmony:


Weather Balancing Assistance

If you wish to do more, here is a degree that can be done as often as you are guided to assist in protecting and balancing the powers of Nature especially regarding the weather:


Thank you for your Service to Life.  Namaste. Om Shanti.

~ Emmaray Kumara - The Nature Whisperer