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I Am here to assist you in listening to  & co-creating with Nature in a whole new way ...

Welcome to The Nature Whisperer!  My name is Emmaray and I greet you with an open loving heart.  I serve as an emissary, a bridge, between humankind and all kingdoms of Life. Thank you for allowing me to be in Service to you on your journey.

What amazing times we are in and everyone is participating in the ascension of Mother Earth/Gaia and all Life upon her.  We are all part of the conversation and we all have a part to contribute in co-creation with other humans and all kingdoms of Life, both physically seen and those in more etheric forms. 

In response to the call from Nature to be recognized as part of the co-creative process, I am now creating a variety of products, programs, and doing more writing & publishing to lend a hand.  A bi-monthly newsletter will be part of this going forward containing bits of wisdom and announcements. I would love to have you be a part of our conversation. So, if you would like to receive these communications, please sign up using the form to the right. ---> 

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you on The Nature Whisperer list!    ♥ Emmaray - The Nature Whisperer ♥