Overlighting Deva Speaks of Change

Overlighting Deva photograph by The Nature Whisperer

Greetings Emmaray. I am Grateful that you heard my call to come and visit our forest.  There are massive changes coming. Major changes. Incredible changes coming to the Earth at this time.

Some of humanity is aware of this, most however are not yet. We in the kingdoms/queendoms of Nature, the Overlights, and all who live here, are very aware of what is upon us, and we are taking a deep breath in such gratitude that we are and yet we know, this next year, these next years are going to be so filled with change, rapid change, that it will take the strength of every individual to stay grounded, be in Peace, even when that peace means not being so excited and joy-filled that jump out of your skin, to those who are fearful and learning the Truth (Cosmic ~ Illumined Truth).

So Peace, Blessed Peace is so important.  Please bring people out into the forest, out into Nature as much as you can through direct experience and also through digital experiences.  It is deeply important for people to connect with us again.  For them to find their/our Truth, find their Breath.

We are here to help. And as soon as people realize that we are here, and that we are part of their Divine family, the better for all concerned. We have always held space for people, for humanity; the lost race, to find itself again and to return fully to the Light, return to God, Love, Life.

That time is upon us now. And we rejoice while taking our own deep breaths, embodying our own deeper strengths, so that we can step forward again and be of even deeper assistance to Life.

Thank you again for coming, Emmaray. We are deeply Grateful for your presence and for your sharing our message.  Blessings.

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