Learning Deep Listening with Nature

In this world of such beauty and wisdom, listening is such both a Joy and a great conduit for receiving Divine wisdom. Many friends remark to me on a regular basis, Emmaray you are so clear and hear so much. We all have many senses to explore and communicate with Nature with Life, and as a bridge and messenger I find that listening through them all is the baseline that allows the messages to free flow in clarity and joy.  In this video I share some of my greater awareness of learning to deeply listen and comprehend the amazing conversations that are ever present in our worlds.

Learning Deep Listening with Nature

One of the first and foremost ways that we learn to listen and communicate with Nature, is indeed by learning to listen. In quiet, deep, deep listening. It’s not a surface thing that we do in passing. It is a place where we go into our hearts, the quiet of our mind, and we make the intention to listen by modulating our frequency and vibration so that we can connect with the frequency and the vibration of those around us.

Be it the Earth herself. The trees, the birds in passing and animals who might come out to say hello. The wind as she blows by. All of the elements, the water, even the fire as it blazes from the sun. All have a frequency and a vibration. All are speaking to us and sharing information.

Many times when people are choosing to learn how to listen to Nature we think it always an audible experience; where we are expecting to hear words or songs.  And in some cases that is exactly what happens. But in many cases the initial steps are to tune in with your feeling body to the different frequencies and vibrations.

Go into your mind’s eye and feel or see the colors (or patterns) that are shown to you on your inner screen. These are all part of how we learn.  To communicate is by going into this deep place of stillness; deep stillness, that you learn to do through meditating. And just the desire within your soul to shut down all the noise and to listen to a different song.  A different Presence that is all around us and within us.

As our bodies are also part of Nature, and our Body Elementals are always speaking to us. Well, offering to speak to us when we ready to listen. So deep listening which tunes up our ability to observe, to gain greater awareness, of the depth of experience that is around us at all times.

  • What are you smelling as you listen?
  • What are you seeing as you listen?
  • What are you tasting as you listen?
  • What are you observing?

All these things happen  simultaneously, but many of these things with go unobserved if we are passing through Nature with our phones, or with our minds busy. Then we never get to listen and really hear then songs of the trees, the voices of the birds. All who are sending us messages and offering us wisdom.

So I invite you as one of the first primary steps of learning how to cocreate with Nature, is first spending time going out in nature. Getting so very quiet. Dropping into your heart and meditating, breathing, and greeting the beauty of Nature around you. Whether it is in a park, small or large. Or at the ocean, or in a nursery or arboretum if you are in the city.

There are many different places where you can connect. So you do that first. You go to that place, get still, breathe, drop into your heart. Make the intention that you are going to listen.  Then let go of what it is going to “look” like, sound like. Feel like.

But invite Nature to speak with you.  … Birds speaking in background … Often times when I am out, I will bring a journal. When I am quiet, I will sit and allow  the Divine to speak with me and I will just write the words down as they come through the flow of the frequencies that I have established with those who are around me that I have established with those who are around me.

I invite them in. I connect with my Presence. I connect with Nature. I say to them in reverence, "I am here to speak with you, do you have something you would like to share with me?

Emmaray - Mother Earth

Their sharings will come in many forms. Some people get poems, rhymes and riddles. Some get scientific facts. Some start drawing. But all of these are communications that will expand your connection with Nature and allow you to then go forth and learn in a different way of how to co-create. Because as you connect and acknowledge the kingdoms of Nature as family and partners in our co-creative process, everything expands. All that we that we are doing becomes bigger, more playful, more rich. Because you are allowing the other kingdoms of Life to participate in what you are creating; directly. No as a passive background, but as a strength and a source of wisdom, as a friendship and a playfulness.

So, all of these things occur when you first get quiet, drop in, invite the kingdoms to join you, whether they are the Earth kingdoms, the Heavenly kingdoms, or all of those together, and then you just get quiet, and you just listen and invite the magic in.  Enjoy the journey. Namaste. Om Shanti.  

~ Emmaray Kumara, The Nature Whisperer. https://thenaturewhisperer.com