A Song From the Trees

Ishnahnay at Oswald West

This song came to me while writing a chapter of my children's book "A Walk in the Forest with Ishnahnay the Wolfdog".  The trees (and Ishnahnay) suggested that I share it in the book and as a separate post.  So here you go.  Enjoy!


Trees of the forest, trees of the land. We come here together to make our stand. To give life a place to live and grow. We embrace in Love everything that we know. We trees are powerful friends, healers, and givers of sustenance.

We also are grateful to be loved and respected by those who visit our presence along your journey of life. As our love uplifts and strengthens you, your love and respect does the same for we too.


We trees love to laugh, sing and even dance. Waving our leaves and branches with the playful breeze as she goes by. On windier days you may also hear us sing God’s tone the great Om.

Know that we love you and care for you deeply. Know that we welcome the opportunity to consciously cocreate with you. We encourage you to spend time with us each day. We will talk, play, and share our wisdom.

We are old and we are young. We like you, are children of the Sun. We come to Earth to learn and grow and to share the wisdom that over the ages we have known.  Come and sit with us, sing and talk with us. Our love for you is deep.  Come in Joy and Reverence and you will receive the same from us.

Heart in tree root


If you need a hug and have no person to lean on, you can come and lean on one of us. We will peacefully share our loving energy to lift and console you.

At the same time, if you come upon trees in pain from damage or losing a friend, we welcome you to take the time to comfort us and share your love. Together we lift up all of life and bring harmony where there was strife.

Know that our love for you is true and that your awakening has given us hope renewed.  Connect with us, sing with us, let our hearts be one, and always in your daily life, remember that we are all children of the Sun. ♥

~ Message through Emmaray Kumara, The Nature Whisperer ~ https://thenaturewhisperer.com

Ishnahnay and me at Cantara Loop



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