The Reflective Nature of Water

We Are All Pebbles in a Pond

Greetings and blessings. This is a brief video chat that I created at a beautiful place called Spring Lake, located in Lincoln City, Oregon. On this amazing day, the energy of the elements was very calm, enabling me to share a awareness that I have regarding the reflective nature of water.

We live in a reflective universe where what we create comes back to us. Water in her essence nurtures us through her amazing reflective nature, speaking to us on so many levels simultaneously. This awareness is a wonderful step in your/our ability to consciously communicate with Nature. Both our own inner nature and Mother Nature all told.

Becoming more aware of how water & Nature overall reflects your energy back to you, is a profound step forward in a deepening relationship with the energies of our Universe, and in particular the essence of Gaia/Mother Earth as a Living Library. All of the kingdoms of Nature are in service to Life in the process of bringing us back into peace.  She does this through demonstrating to us the affect our energies have on her, and therefore upon ourselves.

I invite you to enjoy being one with the stillness of the water in this video and feel deeply into its reflection and how its beauty allows you to feel.

Namaste ~ Emmaray Kumara, The Nature Whisperer