In Gratitude to Gaia and Mother Nature

Today In the United States, Thanksgiving is once again being celebrated.  A day focused on gratitude and the celebration of abundance through feasting.  While I suggest that being in gratitude for the blessings of Life everyday is a blessing in itself, today I am choosing to embrace Gaia & Mother Nature in my all-encompassing Love and Appreciation.  For where indeed would our lives be without them?

For starters without Gaia, who is the soul Presence of Earth, we would be living our soul experience elsewhere in the Universe or Multiverse. Yes, this amazing planet where we currently call home, has a soul a Presence, just as we do, and she is very evolved as well. Gaia has chosen all these years to be the Presence of Earth and, along with Mother Nature, has chosen to be a loving force for all of humanity to wake-up and rise back to oneness with our Presence and with all of Life.

In honor and reverence beloved Gaia I give thanks to you, I see you, and I revere you and all of your kingdoms and realms of Life. You and beloved Mother Nature are a great schoolhouse of Love on and in which we are blessed to be learning, growing and remembering our True Divine Nature and that of every other life form.  May all be blessed.

With every breath I take I acknowledge our deep connection.  With every step that I take I acknowledge and give gratitude for your Presence under my feet, providing me with the loving foundation in which to live my Life.

I acknowledge in reverence the Christ consciousness within you and within all of Life in all forms. Such Beauty. Such Love. Such Power!

In gratitude I vow this day and every day to be an advocate for Life and her upliftment into Immortal Purity, Immortal Harmony, Perfect Peace, Unity and the Victory of the rebirthing of Paradise upon you and within all of Life.

I give thanks to all of Life, Mother Nature, for all your incredible wisdom and gifts that support me in the knowing that my beautiful body, the temple of my Soul on Gaia/Earth is strong, vibrant and brilliantly supporting all that I as a Soul am here to do, to be, now and ongoing in great Joy.

As my I AM Presence, I now call in to and for you Gaia, Mother Nature, and all of Life the greatest blessings that can be gifted to you this day and every day.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Almighty I AM. Almighty You Are. Almighty We Are One together.

What beloved ones are you grateful for this day and everyday? 

I invite you to join me in a reverence for Gaia, Mother Nature and all of the blessed Life with whom we share our lives. Gratitude and reverence are two of the most powerful energies of Divine Love & Light. May all be blessed.

Namaste. Om Shanti.