Love Over Fear – A Inner Awareness

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How do we embrace Love over fear in these transitional times? Over the past few months I have been paying more and more attention to when I am feeling bright and Light & when I have been feeling ill at ease.  When I have tracked the dis-ease within me, that which is moving me out of inner peace, I was finding the energy of the fear of death in my energetic field. 

Hmm, how interesting I thought.  As a walk-in I am fully aware that there is no such thing as death, so why the fear?  Going deeper I became more clearly aware that the dimensional density and state of separation that has been the predominant experience for humans on Mother Earth/Gaia was the cause.  For a majority of humanity their Door to the Soul has been closed for lifetime after lifetime & may still be closed interfering with the ability to connect directly with their (your?) Divine Self.

Thus, for most, it is the fear of “dying” of what happens next (the unknown) that has resulted in people being caught up into such things as pandemics.  This morning a friend from the UK forwarded the following message from Osho regarding this phenomenon.

How Do I Avoid a Pandemic?

“How do I avoid a pandemic?"

This question was asked to OSHO about 40 years ago, during the AIDS period:

′′You're asking the wrong question” Osho replied, “the right question should be: how to avoid the fear of dying caused by the epidemic (pandemic)?

Because it is very easy to avoid the virus, it is very difficult to avoid the fear in you and in the world.

People will die more from this fear than from the epidemic (pandemic).

There is NO virus in this world more dangerous than FEAR.

Understand this fear, otherwise you will become a dead body before your body dies.

It has nothing to do with the virus.

The scary atmosphere you feel in these moments is collective madness...

It has happened a thousand times and will continue to happen.

And it will continue if you don't understand the psychology of crowds and fear.

You usually keep your fear at bay, but in the moment of collective madness, your consciousness can be completely lost.

You won't even know when you lost control of your fear. Then, fear can make you do anything.

In such a situation you can also take your own life or the lives of others.

So much will happen in the coming times:

Many people will kill themselves and many people will kill more.

Attention, be mindful.

Don't watch news that trigger fear.

Stop talking about the epidemic, repeating the same thing over and over again is like self-hypnosis.

Fear is a kind of self-hypnosis.

This idea will cause chemical changes in the body.

If you repeat the same idea over and over again, a chemical change is triggered that can sometimes be so toxic that it can kill you.

During an epidemic, energy around the world becomes irrational.

This way you can fall into a black hole anytime.

Meditation then becomes a protective aura into which no negative energy can penetrate.”

∞ Osho 

[Forwarded from Time of Transition (Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue) (Laura Matsue)]

Embracing Love Over Fear

Meditation is indeed a powerful state of being to align us as individuals into our peace center. Purity, Peace and Harmony are the doorway to Love.  When we attain inner peace, we are able to ask questions of the Divine and receive clear answers.  For me, this is the establishment of what I refer to as the vertical conversation; the conversation with my Oversoul, Body Elemental & I AM Presence.

Here are a few of the statements that I make daily (sometimes more often) to establish my awareness and my focus, into the frequency of Love:

  1. I Am that I AM (3x)
  2. I Am Purity, Peace and Harmony
  3. I Choose Love. I Am Love
  4. I AM One with my I AM Presence
  5. I Am Safe (3x). I Am Protected (3x)
  6. I AM the Resurrection and the Life. I AM the Way, the Truth & the Life. I AM an Open Door that No One or Nothing can shut. (this refers to the doorway to your Soul)

The ultimate question is “what are you afraid of really?” When we embrace that our life experience on Mother Earth is just one step in our Soul’s journey of learning and expansion is allows us to relax, choose Love, and align our attention and actions with creating the highest outcome for our Soul’s journey while we are here.

Did your Soul come here to be afraid and give away its power?  Unlikely. We are powerful Creator Beings. When we embrace and focus on Love it alters the frequency of our entire physical experience upward aligning us with Unity and the Illumined Truth of how we create our physical reality individually and collectively.

I invite you to choose Love over Fear and step out of the illusion of separation.  Then choose the polarity of Love & Light where fear no longer has any energy or power. Love, Light, Unity.  It is the reality now being created for us all. 

May All Be Blessed ~ Emmaray Kumara – The Nature Whisperer