Love Up Our Lungs …♥

Greetings and Blessings to All,      I woke up this morning in gratitude to my lungs and breath, and felt to share this gift of lung health to you … Namaste. ♥ ∞∞∞∞∞∞  Extending from our nasal passage out into the vast expression of alveoli, our respiratory system is fully active from the minute we are born to the final breath before transitioning.  Like all our body systems, the lungs; respiratory system, are multi-level in their function and effects. On the physical level our lungs and respiratory track are the center for bringing life giving oxygen into and releasing toxins and Read More

Love Over Fear – A Inner Awareness

How do we embrace Love over fear in these transitional times? Over the past few months I have been paying more and more attention to when I am feeling bright and Light & when I have been feeling ill at ease.  When I have tracked the dis-ease within me, that which is moving me out of inner peace, I was finding the energy of the fear of death in my energetic field.  Hmm, how interesting I thought.  As a walk-in I am fully aware that there is no such thing as death, so why the fear?  Going deeper I became more Read More

Breathe & Relax Process to Assist Animals

Breathing and relaxing are two extremely beneficial steps for coming into inner peace and awareness. In this video I discussed some simple steps for assisting your companion animals, wild animals or children in your care to relax and know that they are safe. These simple steps are especially helpful in assisting rescue animals and others who have or are experiencing traumatic experiences. To breathe and relax is also of deep importance and benefit to those doing the rescuing. The breath and lungs are the seat of the Holy Spirit within our bodies. The breath is also our direct connection to God/Creator. Read More