The Importance of Strengthening Our Immune Systems – A Personal Story

Greetings to all. A friend asked me to made this video of my life focus on the restoration of my whole immune system and how important it is for people to become more self aware and holistically strong and balanced in these challenging times.

My Journey From a Weak to Strong Immune System

Having a strong and balanced immune system involves our entire multibody system, emotional, mental, and physical. So while in mainstream medical applications the focus is all on the physical, the mental and emotional bodies (what we think and feel) plays an enormous role in our overall well-being. My life journey in this body has been one of being born strong, to developing a severely compromised immune system to learning how to heal myself holistically.

This video is a brief telling of this journey ...

The alternative and holistic world of healing encompasses all of these bodies and their interrelationship. Becoming more self-aware of all that we are and how we focus our attention and intentions can open great doors and avenues of healing. I know it certainly has for me.