Water is Conscious – Sing the Water Song

“The water can hear you. The water has memory.”

“Water is the Life Blood of Gaia, Mother Earth.  Water is the Life Blood of our own body.”

When we sing to our love out into the world, all of Life hears us and responds.  All Life is conscious, including the elements.  Nature is energetically responsive, meaning whatever energy we send out to her, she responds in kind.

Thus Love, Respect and Kindness, begets Love, Respect and Kindness in return.  Water and wind show us this responsiveness quickly and remind us of the Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

While in the days of old this was translated into just being about people, in truth it is about our relationship with Self and having a Reverence for all of Life. As part of our stewardship and guardianship of Life, the daughters and Divine Feminine within everyone are the keepers of the water, its purity, its wisdom, its love and flow.

Lyrics to the Water Song

Nee bee wah bow

En die en

Aah key mis kquee

Nee bee wah bow

Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

The Algonquin water song is one of many beautiful water rituals that we can utilize to add our blessings to the water, as we step forward to be the healers and guardians of Mother Earth.  

The water heart photo above is an example of the responsiveness of water that I have experienced when I have been singing and blessings the water and other elements.  Here is another article about this experience: The Consciousness of Water Harmony Song

Remember, as you bless the water, you are blessing your own body as well, for the water truly connects us all.  I invite you to step joyfully into your role as a loving and peaceful steward and guardian of Mother Earth. 

Aho! Blessings to all ...

~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel – The Nature Whisperer ♥