Decree for the Restoration of Holy Innocence in All of Life!

Focusing on What We Choose to Create

In these great and challenging times of releasing the old paradigm of fear and embracing the polarity of Love and Light which complement one another and uplift all of Life, a cry for the restoration of the Holy Innocence is ringing out. Being pure of heart and embodying the Holy Innocence is a natural state of being for all of humanity and all of God’s creatures.

Yet for many, this great essence of Love and Joy has been greatly depleted or lost altogether through the brutality of living in the polarity of fear and love – the Tree of Knowledge.   However, my God’s Love, Will and Grace, Divine Intervention is at hand to restore the Divine Innocence to everyone’s consciousness and to the essence of all of Life.

It is through the restoration of individual and planetary sovereignty and Holy Innocence that Eden/Paradise are now being created once again on Earth. 

Since we create what we focus upon with feeling, you can assist in many ways.  One way is through decrees.

Upon my requesting a decree for the restoration of holy innocence I was given the following words to share with you.  Please join me, join us, as you are guided, knowing that positive decrees, prayers and requests are multiplied exponentially through a Divine dispensation that is already in place.

As a Creator Being, now is a wonderful time for you to be raising your beautiful voice for Divine Intervention and the creation of Eden/Paradise/Agartha.    The time of the Rainbow is upon us.

The Decree

I AM my I AM Presence, my True Divine Nature, and I AM One with Mother/Father/God and the entire Company of Heaven.

I AM one with all those who serve the Light as part of the Elemental and Angelic kingdoms.

I AM one with Gaia/Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms of Life.

Through the Sovereignty of my I AM Presence and in full alignment with Divine Will and God’s Divine Plan for Gaia and all of Life, I NOW call for the complete restoration of the Holy Innocence within all of humanity, and within all of Life!  (3x)

Transmute and purify (3x) all consciousness that is less that Divine Love.

Restore and Resurrect the Holy Innocence and Divine Joy within all Life in all forms Now! (3x)

Set all Life Free (3x)

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM one with my 5th Dimensional Body Elemental.  Together we invoke the greatest assistance from the Entire Company of Heaven that Cosmic Law will allow to restore the Holy Innocence in Life NOW!

So Be It! It Is So Done!  So Mote It Be!

Almighty I AM (3X)