Through Their Song and Wisdom

Wolves, wolfdogs, whales and dolphins are all template carriers for Earth and humanity.  Through their song and wisdom of extended family, harmony, and deep awareness of what can be our reality when we place our attention on it, these Beings teach us.  Become the watcher.  Become the listener.  Be the joy and playfulness of the Divine and yet be responsible to the effect you have on everything through your thoughts and actions.

Wolfdog Ishnahnay listening

These are words that nature speaks to me, to us over and over again. 

You, we all, are like pebbles in a pond of quantum energy.  Focus on what you desire to be and see in your reality both personal and global.

All humans are innately capable of hearing the kingdoms of Nature; Gaia herself.  This is so, as God is within everyone and everything and speaks the language of Divine Love and Light which has no language boundaries.  Yes, we can receive the communications as language that we recognize. But we more often receive it as intuitive and telepathic knowing and awareness. The first step is to open to your intuitive nature. 

Intuition is a heart based knowing within everyone; it is an innate skill.  In mind & ego based societies like what humanity is beginning to evolve from, intuition is often pushed aside. Intuition tells us that God, the Divine, is in all things; all of Life.  Yet the mental / ego construct often tells humans otherwise in its need to stay in control and to feel superior.  Choosing inner peace and stillness, and releasing all discord from our beings are primary steps to hearing the greater conversation of the Divine as wolves, dolphins, whales and all of nature does.

Water is a great conduit of communication – Here, I am being inwardly still and listening to what the Nature Spirits wish to share

Yet in the eyes of God, we are all special, and we are all equal.  It is in this awareness and choice that we as humans can once again step into the circle of harmony and walk side by side in peace and a state of thriving with everyone and everything.

The howling of the wolves & wolfdogs, the song of the whales and dolphins capture our imagination as they remind us of this deep conversation that we too can have with the Divine if we so choose. It is a very old conversation; one that comes from the beginning of creation – from the Great Central Sun – the birth place of us all.  Are you ready to listen?  Are you ready to step back into the Divine Magic that is Harmony?

I AM the Harmonious Presence

expressing to me, through me, and as all Life.

I AM the Harmonious Presence

expressing to, through and as all of Life, all of Creation.

So Be It! It is So Done! Amen!  I thank you!

Speaking this intention several times each day while in a meditative state will assist you in embodying a greater state of peace and harmony within your Earth self.  This will then ripple out into your world, creating great improvements in your life and your inter-relationships with everyone and everything. These again are things that wolves, wolfdogs, dolphins and whales teach us and demonstrate to us as the great teachers that they are.

Are you ready to join us on the Peace Train?  I hope so.  Earth and all life welcome gratefully everyone who makes this choice.  Than you. Namaste.

~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel – The Nature Whisperer