Hearing the Voices of Nature

Hearing the voice of nature …. It is in the listening and the hearing our true communication is destined to be received; whether between two humans or between humans and other species. Now in this time of forming heaven and earth into physical manifestation, many new templates are being called for formation. Templates of divine healing, divine technology, and communication are three of the many.

It is divine communication which we are addressing this day. It is key to the success of all components of heaven and earth. Hearing the voice of nature, and bringing her desires, requirements, and wisdom into our new way of living and playing are key to our success overall. Listening, hearing, and bringing nature fully into our heaven and earth circle of communion and communication will promote a magical expression, we will otherwise miss entirely.

Key Elements

The voices of nature contain key elements to everything that we are creating, or wish to create. The wisdom of healing, science, mathematics, magic, and creation itself. Her voice is filled with wisdom of unconditional love, diversity, balance, and the intricacies of each individual whether seen or unseen through human eyes. Many of the mysteries that humans have long sought after are contained in nature. In the past, however, most humans have sought their answers through difficult scientific analysis. Thus leading to 3rd-dimensional understandings, but rarely anything more.

The idea of conscious communication with nature spirits and elementals was lost from the awareness of most. However in truth, the voice, intelligence, and magic of Goddess/God resides in every being no matter the species or dimensional residence. Like God having many angelic helpers, Goddess has earthly angels in the realms of deva, Faerie, Elvin, and in each living creature on earth. All are here to assist in bringing life back into conscious unity, and to assure Gaia’s ascension.

Humans Are Once Again

Humans are once again learning to listen to and truly hear nature is paramount in the renewal of the sacred partnership of the male and female (God & Goddess), as well as the pathway to the Golden era of peace and harmony truly becoming for our beloved planet. Over time many writings have spoken of the importance of humans returning to nature to be healed, to be whole and to truly know God/Goddess. Most recently books such as Anastasia’s Ringing Cedars and documentaries such as WhaleDreamers talk deeply of our relationship with Creator through living as One family with nature.

With so many humans currently residing upon Gaia, a conscious relationship with nature is the creative foothold, which will allow us to all live and thrive in peace filled coexistence upon and within our planet. So how do we accomplish this great task? How do we truly allow ourselves to listen and hear one another, acknowledging each other’s sovereignty and create a conscious community of Heaven and Earth?

First I believe a deeper understanding is required of the essence of God/Goddess expressed through the realms of nature. God essence and intelligence within nature takes on a different form than in that of humans. She expresses herself in ways that cannot be monitored by the IQ test of humans, and she does not wear the body expression of a daughter or son of God. These are two of the predominant characteristics (or lack thereof), which have lead humans to categorized nature beings as less than, and of little importance.

Just Blank Space

When in truth without nature, humans are just expressions of God wandering around a desolate planet without teachers, students or a classroom in which to learn. Even if we could survive without nature, (unlikely) we would most likely be bored to tears living without purpose or inspiration. Imagine waking up from sleep and opening your eyes to nothing. Just blank space. No sky, no ground, no trees, animals, water, no sound; just empty space with other humans milling about.

Granted humans, just being with other humans might be enriching or fascinating in its uniqueness for a short while. However the diversity, beauty and lavish abundance of nature – her spirit and wisdom – her friendship and love is what fills our hearts as humans with the deep truth of God’s love, peace and creative force. Alone, without nature we would soon perish. Even as breatharians, requiring no physical nourishment, human’s would soon perish of loneliness of spirit without the loving support and companionship of our nature realms.

Think about such a reality for yourself. Now feel it, and play close attention to how your spirit, your soul and emotional bodies react. At first it may feel restful to have so little stimulation of your senses and spirit. Yet a rapid shift in this feeling occurs as you begin thinking, longing for nature in some form to fill your senses, heart and mind once again. And in this new realization may also come a deeper desire to consciously interact with nature; to know her, speak with her and to become partners in your creative future.

Kathryn Shanti Ariel, The Nature Whisperer