Invoking the Light/Love Realms of Magic

The Realms of Magic have long been hiding, serving behind the scenes and from other dimensions.  Always present with the Nature Realms, doing their best to assist them in the midst of the great discord that humanity had created within Mother Nature.    Now all are rejoicing as Earth/Gaia's ascension unfolds victoriously in the Light!  There is such gratitude to all those who are choosing the positive polarity of Light/Love and a Reverence for all of Life! ♥

Consciously connecting with the various realms can be done in many ways.  The invocation that follows is beautiful for gatherings, ceremonies and creating a consciousness bridge within communities and group projects.  Enjoy!

To set the energetic stage for this process please first make the I AM Oneness call for your ceremony if you have not already done so:

 I Am My I Am Presence and I Am One with Mother/Father/God & the Entire Company of Heaven.  I Am One with the I Am Presence of every person on Earth and associated with Earth. 

I AM my I AM Presence and I am One with my 5th Dimensional Body Elemental who oversees the well-being of my human body and provides me guidance in my health and well-being.

I AM One with those serving the Light as part of the Elemental and Angelic kingdoms.  I Am One with Earth/Gaia and all of her kingdoms of Life, through Divine Love, Will and Grace.


In deep acknowledgement and honoring of all the realms of Creation that we as the I AM Race partner & create with, we now invite the Realms of Light-Love Magic of the Positive Polarity of the Multiverse to join us in our service to Life.

In Divine Love, Respect and Conscious Creative Awareness…

♥ I invoke the Realms of Divine Alchemy and Magic of the Multiverse to join us in our Conscious Co-Creations now and ongoing.

♥ I invoke the Overlighting Elemental Presence of this Universe and of the Multiverse to join us in our Conscious Co-Creations now and ongoing.

♥ I invoke the Elohime (Elohim & Eloa) who are The Builders of Form in the Multiverse

♥ In conscious partnership I invoke Pan and the Nature Spirits, the Elvin and Farie Realms, the Unicorns, Dragons and Phoenixes

♥ In deep gratitude I acknowledge and invoke the Overlighting Devas who oversee the Divine Plans for every aspect of Creation; all projects large and small.

♥ I now invoke and activate the magnificent guardians within and of the trees, rocks and minerals to assist us now.

♥ In addition, I invoke the powerful Elemental spirits of the major animal kingdoms along with the overlighting Elementals of the lessor animal kingdom, the fungi, plant kingdoms, crystal and mineral kingdoms.

We acknowledge their sacred placement on Earth/Gaia and ask in deep graitutde that their Divine Interconnection is activated between us all,  and they connect and activate with us now on all dimensions through the polarity of LoveLight!