Life is Meant to Be a Celebration!

Ishnahnay & Mitchel at Play

Playtime! Life is meant to be a celebration!  One need only to look at, listen to Nature to know this Truth. Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music … words of great wisdom.  When we choose Joy and Celebration it raises our frequency and that of all of Life around us.   

Ishnahnay and Mitchel (photo) demonstrate the embodiment of celebration and joy for all to see. Nature is brilliant at showing us how & encouraging us to join in.  When our frequencies are high, all that is low, dense & fearful just bounces off. Sing, dance, smile, laugh, feel your energy harmonize and rise!

Those who seek to control, attempt to keep people & Life down, sad, struggling or grieving.  This old pattern is leaving Mother Earth/Gaia now.  Good riddance, I say! There is always something to Celebrate and to embrace in Gratitude. 

I invite you to focus each day on what brings your frequency up, what makes you smile and rejoice in Life. If you find this challenging initially, then look to Nature for suggestions. Listen to a whale, dolphin or wolf song.  Dance to your inner song & music that is Love.  Another way to connect with the Joy of Nature is to go out into her midst and walk barefoot, ground to our dear Mother Earth, speaking with the plants and critters as you go. 

Trust that they hear and feel you, for indeed they do! God in all things is ever present, reaching to you through compassion and encouragement, calling you back Home to the Dance of Joy.  Celebrate Life! It is your God-given right to do so!

Namaste, Om Shanti.  ~ Emmaray Kumara ♥


Whale & dolphin playing