Vlog #2 - I AM a Sovereign Being of Light - Morning Chat

Greetings and blessings to all! Thank you for joining me for my 2nd "morning chat". In this video I was guided to share awareness and decrees on how to claim our sovereignty as individuals and for the planet as a whole. My conversation focuses on I AM decrees specifically pertaining to sovereignty, as well as how to respond, rather than react, to negative information or experiences with the conscious awareness that what we focus on, we create.

We each are powerful creators (Creator Beings) with the responsibility of creating the world that we wish to experience in an unwavering focus of Divine Love, Peace, Purity, Harmony ...

As part of our ascension process, Divine Light is being poured to Earth in frequencies and strength that we have never experienced before. This Light when combined with Divine Love is unstoppable as in the polarity what we focus on and speak is expanded exponentially!

Are you ready to claim your sovereignty? Then join me as I share how to use words that will assist you in doing just that. Again, remember to focus on what you wish to create and experience through Divine Love.

I AM a Sovereign Being of Light

All is well. We are Victorious in the Light/Love/Life. Namaste.

For more decrees and information please visit my website: https://www.thenaturewhisperer.com

I AM the Resurrection and the Life,

Kathryn Shanti Ariel, The Nature Whisperer ♥


Vlog #1 - Hello, I AM The Nature Whisperer - Morning Chat

Hello everyone! This is a video from me to you in which I am reaching out to you through Love to introduce myself and let you know what I am up to in the world. For quite some time I have had friends & clients asking me to create videos and classes on how to bridge the communication gap between themselves and the Light/Love Realms of our Universe and perhaps even beyond.

One of the gifts of our quiet time at home that many of us are experiencing now is to allow us to create casual and personal connect with one another, worldwide. The best way for me to really share and teach about my conscious connection with the realms of Light & Love is on a personal level.  So here I am, sharing with you, heart to heart...

The Nature Whisperer Introduction – Greetings from the Oregon Coast