The Conscious Communication with Nature Project

Overview of the Conscious Communication & Co-Creation Project

Vision Description

The reconnection with Nature and the Spirit in all of Life (Christ Consciousness) is a critical part of the actualization of Heaven on/as Earth (Gaia/Aria). I see and am capable of overseeing the creation of programs both for the individual and groups; digital or out in Nature, that reestablish multidimensional depth of awareness & skills to assist children & adults alike in embodying conscious co-creation abilities with Nature and all Realms of Light/Love/Life. This is part of restoring Paradise on Gaia/Aria through a reverence for all of Life. The programs will include the following components and more:  Sacred Geometry in Nature and the creative process

  • Sacred Geometry in Nature
  • The Doctrine of Signatures
  • Light is Design, Love is Form
  • Animal & Nature communication to facilitate deeper sensory awareness & co-creation with the kingdoms of Nature/Creation
  • Animals as Teachers
  • Multidimensional Awareness & Divine Mastery - communication & cocreation with the unseen realms of Light/Love/Life
  • Interweaving science & spiritual knowledge for positive co-creation
  • Energetic & Physical Guardianship of Gaia/Aria & her kingdoms of Life
  • Wheel of co-creation



The overall focus of our Conscious Communication & Co-Creation with Nature Project will be achieved through a variety of tools whose focus includes:

  1. The expansion of people's awareness to our multidimensional nature
  2. Raising of their frequencies to allow easier expansion of this truth
  3. The reawakening of humanities’ awareness that all of Life is conscious and always communicating with us in ways that we can comprehend and respond to through Love.
  4. The support and guidance of the remembering/learning how to use our innate skills of intuition, telepathy and other Divine senses to receive and share clear and meaningful communications with all kingdoms and realms of Life.
  5.  Teaching/guiding people of all ages how to co-create with the kingdoms and realms of Nature through Harmony, Reverence and Joy.
A Walk in the Forest with Ishnahnay the Wolfdog Book cover

Project/Program Components

  1.   Primary Books
  2.  Online programs (multiple languages)

    • Combinations of written, audio and video material along with exercises to put theory into practical application and then to further using the senses to communicate the experiences.
    • Examples of program foci: Sacred Geometry in Nature; the Doctrine of Signatures, Light is Design, Love is Form; Animal & Nature communication; Multidimensional Awareness & Divine Mastery; Interweaving science & spiritual knowledge for positive co-creation; Energetic & Physical Guardianship of Gaia/Aria & her kingdoms of Life; Wheel of co-creation
  3.  Online/in-person learning centers or outdoor schools:

  4. Teacher/Facilitator certification programs
      • Conscious Communication & Co-Creation techniques & how to guide children & adults in regaining these skills.
      • Certification for facilitators to then use in existing schools, homeschooling, etc.
  5.  Nature Whisperer Apprentice programs
  6. Interactive Nature tutorial app for computers & phones - for homeschooling & self -guided learning.