Listening to Nature ~ Ongoing Immersions in Mount Shasta

A Collaboration Between:

JoyAn Tucker ~ Joy Rising Ranch,

Emmaray Kumara ~ The Nature Whisperer, and Mother Nature

Vision and Intention:

Mother Nature is the greatest of healers, nurturers, and teachers. She is in constant communication with each one of us, whether we are actively paying attention or not. Expanding our awareness to engage conscious communication with her in all glorious forms enriches our lives, providing new and magical pathways of evolution and ascension.

The vision and intention of the Healing Immersion with Horses and Nature is to give you a taste of how to actively communicate with Mother Nature, and to inspire you to embrace Unity with all of Life.

The Immersion Details:

Our journey together will begin with Emmaray providing a brief overview and vision of the various ways to listen, communicate and receive wisdom and healing from the horses, trees, water, and other elements and visiting wildlife.

This portion is to assist you in grounding, connecting with your Divine senses and opening your heart to receive.

Then we will join the horses and Nature overall in the pasture and observe them as JoyAn tells their stories. We will do a visualization to center in our hearts and raise vibration. At this point you can choose between being with the horses directly or connecting with the trees, water or other parts of Nature who are offering you wisdom and healing. 

For those wishing to be with the horses JoyAn will help you enter a friendly relationship with one of the horses through gentle stroking, sniffing noses. scratching its belly and responding to how the horse wants to relate. Any time you feel fear or anxiety, we will acknowledge and work with that individually or with the group as deemed appropriate.

Emmaray will be on hand to provide assistance with communicating and receiving messages from the horses or other parts of Nature. You can then have quiet time for meditation or journaling on all you have received so far and practice listening to the horses or whatever part of nature is calling to you.

Next Emmaray and JoyAn will answer questions after your quiet time to help you become more aware of the wisdom, confidence, self-knowledge, self-appreciation, and self-love you are gathering. We will end the session with great gratitude and appreciation for all the nature kingdoms.

Other things to note: No horse experience necessary. Cameras welcome.

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JoyAn and I are offering these individual or group immersions a few times each week.  If you would like to see what's available and/or reserve your spot click on the link:

Note: For groups of five or more we offer a 15% discount.  Contact us for details

We look forward to facilitating for you a wonderful experience of healing and remembrance of your True connection, Unity with Mother Nature and our extended family of Live & Light.